NOX APP Player

As a new generation artifact of computer emulation of the Android system, it is designed to be the most powerful Android emulator in the world, which is perfectly compatible with AMD and Intel CPU computer as it can optimize in-depth the stability of AMD to realize multiple running with one key, virtual keyboard settings, GPS positioning, extra video camera, voice intercom, as well as handlebar control which allows plug and play.




Brief introduction of the function

As a new generation artifact to play computer games, NOX Player is one kind of PC desktop software which is designed to be similar with the interface of mobile phones visually. It applies the kernel technology (in-depth development based on the kernel of Android 4.4.2 version) with the leading running speed and stable performance among the same type of emulators.

The breakthroughs achieved by NOX player in terms of graphics rendering enables it to be on an equal basis as the PC configuration. The overall performance is 50% better than similar products when the VT is not open, and the performance improves significantly when the VT is open. 

Infinite multiple running

NOX Player supports infinite multiple running, which can be done by one key without any delay. It is not necessary to utilize third party tools, such as the sandbox software, to realize infinite multiple running as other emulators. Besides, there is also no need of repeated and tedious operations, such as installing VBOX or changing the directory of engine. The user only needs to click the button of multiple running in the toolbar of NOX Player to unlock the engine. One key is enough.

In-depth optimization of AMD CPU
Through the proposals of studying in-depth the kernel of NOX Player, adapting to AMD hardware instruction encoding and so on, the research and development team of NOX has perfectly solved the problems encountered by most AMD players. It ranks top in the industry considering the version iteration speed, capability to solve crucial technical problems and the user-centered consciousness. Meanwhile, apart from the advanced Android 4.4.2 version, the solution to AMD compatibility optimization has once again demonstrated the capability of NOX team on kernel research and development.
Fluency of the game
For the games of 《Vainglory》and《Order & Chaos》Online which have higher operation demand, there is no delay phenomenon. Besides, with the big computer screen, the overall manipulation and visual performance have improved greatly. The performance of the computer is much better than the mobile phone.
The advantages of the simulator

NOX Player has a unique key to for Simulator, which can realize the direction control and the standard button of gunpoint. What’s more, it also supports OpenGL 3D acceleration, multiple running and full screen modes.
The outstanding technical performance to be compatible with Win10 is well carried on the latest version of NOX Player 2.2, which is a major update of NOX team after the version 2.0 (multiple running). Since Microsoft released Win10 on July 29th, the team worked for half a month to achieve the compatibility at the first time. It ranks top in the industry considering the version iteration speed, capability to solve crucial technical problems and the user-centered consciousness, which to a great extent, has reflected the efforts made by the team in terms of independent kernel development. Apart from the advanced Android 4.4.2 version, it has once again won the praise from many players and professionals.

User-friendly design

Location Simulator: the user can choose the virtual location randomly. For example, if they want to disguise their true location, they can set the emulator somewhere in the world, so that the user privacy is more secure.

Shake function: it uses the computer to emulate the shaking function of mobile phone.

Screenshot function: after one click, the screen has been captured, which helps the users to form a team and chat together.

Game assistance: careful and detailed settings for auxiliary functions

The users can adjust the display resolution of the Android screen randomly. They are able to find the suitable setting no matter they want the wide horizontal display or the vertical display of the emulated mobile phone.
Auxiliary functions such as help and feedback are set up. Click help and feedback, it will link to the official forum where the users can feedback the problems and get help, or exchange with other users.
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